Roxie a seven month old Andalusian X filly arrived, a little timid and a pop belly to die for, but pretty as can be, we instantly fell in love with her. Her stable awaited, a straw bed, haynet hung in the corner and a fresh clean bucket of water. Very vocal, made a name for herself straight away.

In the morning Jaye & Lucy went to put a head collar and rope on her which took them almost an hour, Roxie did not trust straight away, eventually task complete, Roxie had her first walk around her new home, meeting the rest of the crew on the way.

It is amazing how quickly she did learn to trust and within a week was following the staff around and calling out to us all as we passed her, she would nudge us when mucking her out for attention and started to take full mouths of water and then let it dripple all down our jackets. She is going to be so much fun.

After settling in Jaye wormed Roxie and we found a 6inch white worm in her droppings, this could have been one of the reasons she had such a pop belly, which within a couple of weeks is starting to look less bloated, the VET has checked her out and she is in fine health and eating like a horse!


Roxie had a great Christmas, she has developed a bit of a character, she is very cheeky and keeps us all very busy.  She is very kind, just likes to get her own way.  We are working with her on a lead rein and she is doing really good, although she does get bored quickly and tries to play.

She is a really good girl with the Farrier, she has had her feet trimmed down and was as good as gold.


Roxie loved the snow, she thought it was great.  Now the snow has melted away our outside school has many puddles, Roxie thought it would be a great idea to roll in them straight after Alice who looks after her, groomed her.  She was absolutely covered but had a wonderful time.


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